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No Upfront Fee Timeshare Exit and Compensation

Timeshare Claims - Who Can I Trust?

Who Can I Trust?

It is accurate to say that thousands of Timeshare owners are receiving their money back, plus being awarded compensation and, in some cases, maintenance refunds.

Let's first clear up a fundamental difference between an 'award' and actually getting the money back in your bank account. We receive many telephone calls from timeshare owners telling us they have had paperwork from the Spanish courts advising them they have won their case. But, alas, no money! Winning a Timeshare claim, 'in principle, isn't the most difficult of processes. However, getting the Timeshare resort to pay you the money is another!

The complex nature of Timeshare company set-ups and strategic liquidations has left many Timeshare owners with winning claims and no one to pay them! Some of the very few successful claimants that received their money got back less than what they paid in upfront legal fees. And in other highly suspicious cases, claimants were only paid a fraction of what they were told they had been awarded.

Timeshare Claims - Who Can I Trust?

If you are proceeding with a Timeshare claim through the Spanish courts, despite what you may be told, there is no guarantee that you will be successful. Paying upfront fees to make a Spanish Timeshare claim does not guarantee anything. Salespeople will try to convince you that you are entitled to x,y and z to elicit an upfront fee and earn a commission. This marketing method is most prevalent when you deal with someone other than the people dealing with your claim.

For example, the company you deal with will charge you around £6000 or more to action your claim. This firm will not be regulated and will be unable to process your claim. Consequently, they will take £5000 of your fee and then pass the work to another company that will be paid £1000 to process your claim. This method of making a claim has proved highly unsuccessful and resulted in us claiming back thousands for our clients that were mis-sold in this way.

Ultimately, if you don't deal with a regulated company at source, the likelihood is that you lose yet more money and not have your claim submitted correctly.

Timeshare Claims - Who Can I Trust?

What is the most successful way to make a timeshare claim?

  • Never deal with a cold caller. Whether by phone, email or text, they have illegally obtained your data and are just looking to make a quick buck at your expense.
  • Never deal with an unregulated marketing company. You will end up paying over the odds for a service that they themselves are unable to carry out.
  • Always deal with an Authorised FCA or SRA company. And ideally, one that doesn't take any upfront fees. Such as ourselves.
  • Regardless of which company you use, there is never a guarantee that your claim will be successful. as such, we would advise, never to pay any upfront fees to make a claim or exit your timeshare. We can provide both of these services.
  • If in doubt, do your own research, take your time, and never be pressured into making quick decisions.

Freephone us on 0800 0590 106, if you have any questions or need advice.

Timeshare Exit & Claims Guide

National Timeshare Helpline are a UK based Timeshare consumer organisation that provide No Upfront Fee Timeshare Claims, No Upfront Fee Timeshare Contract Cancellation and Free Timeshare Exit and Claim Scam Advice. Our No Upfront Fee policy guarantees that no money changes hands until a successful service is provided. Thus, giving you 100% peace of mind.
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I fully recommend National Timeshare Helpline if you need to terminate your timeshare contract or pursue a claim for monies paid to companies who have not provided claim services that you have paid them for. NTH can also help you…

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N.T.H got me out of my timeshare mess, painless procedure, thanks.


Been contacted by several Timeshare companies you said they would help me terminate my contract with my Timeshare - but wanted 50% upfront. National Timeshare Helpline wanted nothing upfront - quoted all in price on completion which would take 6-8…

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Thanks for your valuable information! The guy Edwardo called me on Monday morning, and the first thing he said was, “Congratulations Mr Pennington on you receiving in your name 21 thousand euros. I let him waffle on about his qualifications and…


This company have ended all our concerns re our exit from Our Timeshare. Now we can block, say No and put phone down the phone on Scammers who say we’re still “On the list”. We couldn’t add a review through…

Mrs Woodgate

Thank you for your services in helping us get out of our contract with our timeshare provider. We really appreciate your help.

Mr Jones

Where do i start. I got involved with x3 fraudulent so called Timeshare Terminators A.B.C.Lawyers who stole £9000 off me, and J.Foster Associates who stole £10,600 off me. You have got to trust somebody so i phoned National Timeshare Helpline…


National Timeshare Helpline makes things very simple and easy to deal with. No complicated paperwork and no legal jargon. They are clear, efficient, and always there for you if you need them.

Mrs Chan

I contacted the National Timeshare Helpline because I was worried about the perpetuity clause in my Timeshare contract and all previous attempts the extricate myself from my contract had failed. I spoke to Keith on the ‘phone and…

Mrs Morris

I found this process so easy, everyone explained fully the process and made it so easy for us to get this sorted, a big thank you to the team, they kept me informed with the process and it was resolved.…

Mrs Ellington

A big thank you to you and your colleagues for all your professional practise and help in resolving our timeshare problems. You will never know what a weight you all have lifted off our shoulders and hopefully we can now…

Mr Godman

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